2022 Geneseo Rotary
Summer Festival
July 8 & 9

40th. Anniversary

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2022 Festival Venues,Events, Schedules, and more... 2022 Festival Advertisers Page FREE SKYCOASTERS CONCERT 8:00-10:30 pm in Village Park
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2022 Contact Information
Chairman ~ President-Elect ~ Patti LaVigne    
E-mail to: lavi@frontiernet.net
Crafts Vendors ~ Steve Wiener and Howard Stewart    
E-mail to: stephenrichardwiener@gmail.com (585)243-4498

E-mail to: hstewart@rochester.rr.comhstewart@rochester.rr.com (585)243-
Food Vendors ~ Steve Wiener and Pres.-Teresa Chichester    
E-mail to: stephenrichardwiener@gmail.com (585)243-4498

E-mail to: tesschi45@aol.com (585)315-6661
Park Entertainment ~ Dennis Dawson    
E-mail to: drdawson129@yahoo.com
Advertising ~ Betsy O'Mara and Jackie Benedetto   
E-mail to: eomara@rochester.rr.com

E-mail to: jebenedetto@yahoo.com
Patrons ~ PP Kurt Fletcher     
E-mail to: Fletcher@Geneseo.edu

Churches ~PP Sally Heitzman    
E-mail to: sjheitzman@aol.com
Grounds ~ Don Livingston, Gary DeBolt and Howard Stewart    
E-mail to: don60bain@aol.com
Website ~ Marilyn Lyon   
E-mail to: Lyon@Geneseo.edu
Facebook ~ Sue Crilly   
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